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Is there a room rental fee?
There is no fee. We have food and beverage minimums that vary depending on the day of the week and time of the year.
Is there a deposit required?
There is a $200 deposit required to secure the space. The deposit can be refunded or applied to your bill the night of the event.
What is the largest group you can accommodate?
The largest we can accommodate is 50, which would require booking the entire upstairs.
Do you have an elevator?
There is no elevator
Where are the rooms located?
The Wine Room is located on the second floor and the Octagon Room is on the first floor in the front of the restaurant.
Can we bring our own
wine to our event?
You are welcome to bring your own wine. We charge a $20/bottle corkage fee.
Can we bring our own
cake to our event?
You are welcome to bring your own cake. We charge a $2.50/person cake cutting fee.
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